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Property Calculator Meeting Summary (October 17, 2019)

Posted on 17 Oct 2019 by Jeff Wagner and Owen Madin

Summary from Property Calculator subgroup meeting on October 17, 2019

Webinar by Vytautas Gapsys: Benchmarking binding free energy calculations for protein-ligand systems (Aug 21, 2019)

Posted on 19 Aug 2019 by Karmen Condic-Jurkic

Vytautas Gapsys will give a talk at UC Irvine on Aug 21 at 11 am (PT) on his work on binding free energy calculations.

Property Calculator Meeting Summary (May 02, 2019)

Posted on 2 May 2019 by Karmen Condic-Jurkic, Owen Madin and Jeff Wagner

Summary from PropertyCalculator subgroup meeting on May 02, 2019