Webinar by Falk Hoffmann: Using NMR relaxation data to improve the dynamics of methyl groups in AMBER and CHARMM force fields (Sep 20, 2019)

Falk Hoffmann will give a webinar on Sep 20 at 11 am (EDT) about his recent study on methyl group dynamics in amino acid side-chains using MD simulations and NMR relaxation rates

Falk Hoffmann from Lars Schaefer’s group at Ruhr University Bochum, will present his work on improving torsional barriers associated with methyl group rotations in amino acid side-chains in AMBER and CHARMM force fields by using NMR relaxation rates. This study is available as a preprint on ChemrXiv. Join this seminar via Zoom in real time on Sep 20 at 11 am (EDT), or watch it later on our YouTube channel.

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