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Joint support for Marie Curie Global Fellowship applicants

Posted on 24 Apr 2024 by James Baggs Eastwood

The Cole group, based at the University of Newcastle (UK), is looking to support applicants to the Marie Curie Global Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme in collaboration with the Open Force Field Initiative. The call has just been announced on 23 April and the applications are closing on 11 September, 2024. Because the applications are quite intense for the hosting institution, the number of applicants supported will be limited. If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief research proposal to Daniel Cole at

Who should apply? Anyone feeling passionate about force field design and all things force field! There are many rabbit holes to explore and it is up to the applicants to choose the topics they want to investigate with support of the Cole group, the OpenFF team and the whole network of collaborators. Check out our publication list to get an idea about the current research topics of interest in OpenFF and in the Cole group. Even better, bring your own fresh and bold ideas about how the future of force fields should look like! If you have any additional questions, reach out to or

Fill your coffee cup and start writing that proposal, we are looking forward to hearing back from you!